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Friday, August 23, 2019

The Queen's Gambit - Chapter 1

By: Mark Lime

I was enjoying my day home from work in front of my computer.  Outside was extremely rainy.  It had been raining for three days non-stop.  The backyard of my three-bedroom house was starting to flood again.  It always seemed to flood in this neighborhood when it rained for long p...

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The Shortcut to Your Heart by June Yang

Written by: June Yang
Submitted on: 2015/03/17
Rating: 0/5 with 910 views

It took me long to learn that
The shortcut to your heart
Is not
The many verses Ive written for you
The many paths Ive covered to approach you
The notes and postcards gathered
The days on the calendar crossed out
The tunes Ive played
The sunrays Ive painted for you
The shortcut to your heart
Is not
The rains Ive walked through alone
The nights I spent by myself
The many the stories Ive invented
With plots imagined
The moments Ive waited for you due to various delays
The messages Ive deleted to avoid misunderstandings
The many times I turned around
Just to leave your background clear
The shortcut to your heart
The chances I missed so as not to miss you
The shortcut to your heart
Is simply love 

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