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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Sex and Murder Excerpt

By: Douglas Allen Rhodes

An Excerpt from: Sex and Murder

Copyright © 2008 Douglas Allen Rhodes

All rights reserved, Wild Child Publishing.

(This excerpt contains some strong language and disturbing content. We do not recommend it for those under 18 years of age or for any one who is bothered by violenc...

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Homeless Creatures by aruntp

Written by: aruntp
Submitted on: 2010/02/10
Rating: 0/5 with 2957 views


The Poem “Homeless Creatures” is written seeing the terror, while walking through a small beach (Muzhappilangaud/Dharmadam in India) near my home, where Hundreds of Crabs and other small creatures are crushed and thrown for nothing, by the Cars and Bike’s rushing through sands for pleasure in high speed. This started to happen when the nearly 5 KM beach was declared as drive-in beach by the authorities as part of Tourism initiation. Birds disappeared because of fear, Tortoises vanished. If they reached their eggs where boiled and eaten. I could see one beautiful Crab dead, crushing under the Tyre of fast moving Car…  If some tears are fallen from my eyes…! But I want to express my concern over those helpless poor creatures through this tiny little poem.



Unending heavens of sand;

Between blue water and earth;

Digging holes of safety;

Crabs are there in plenty.


Sun was reddish on that evening;

Predicting the arms of hell crawling nearby;

Morning was warm, cold blooded;

Arms of horror and terror crawled all over.


Sand was thrown high;

Some pressed in trails;

Holes were shattered and pressed;

Heavy tyre’s rushed here and there.


Breaking the hardest shell on our back;

Scattering it all around in a second;

Some pressed into the abyss of sand;

Choking to death without even knowing the smell of death.


Escaping to the horizon;

Where the Sun turns red sometimes;

Is there heaven somewhere there?

Swam with all strength, leaving behind the home once lived.




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