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Friday, September 20, 2019

Out of Flesh in the Endwalk

By: prnzokoshiro

Black-and-white footage makes it feel

like unspeakable things onscreen didn't really happen

This illusion works on the softest parts of you

correcting the fact that they can't stab

but making you dull over time

You are older than your entire life and

you owe everyone in it yo...

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Mommy by eyestelllies

Written by: eyestelllies
Submitted on: 2008/08/28
Rating: 4/5 with 1784 views

The moments move past so quickly, One moment I'm here next I'm there. Directions are givin and i can seem to follow.As my mind flows at a pace not even the speed of light can follow.Constantly punished for things I'm not sure are wrong.I've tried to listen and hear what you have said.The words just get scrabbled up with everything else in side my head.I'm trying to do what you say I swear Mommy please just understand i cant help somethings.Its like a thousand dinosaurs are stomping through there. So Mommy please just understand i don't mean to act out the way I do. Some times i cant help but not listen to you. It's the A.D.H.D that grabs me so tight,Please Mommy please don't keep me in time out all night.I have tried to do the simple task,I promise I have. Just one thing at a time is all that I ask. So Mommy please hear what I ask try one task at a time, Be patient when I don't respond so quick. I'll try if you try. P.s Mommy I'm sorry.

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