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Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Huntress

By: erycalime

Gazing off alone on the shore,

preying on the sun and water,

forever more,

she breathes in the calming waves

that pull her into the tide.

Her eyes close,

as she becomes one with the sea.

As the ocean divides,

all of h...

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The Shortcut to Your Heart
By: June Yang

It took me long to learn that
The shortcut to your heart
Is not
The many verses Ií»ve written for you
The many paths Ií»ve covered to approach you
The notes and postcards gathered
The days on the calendar crossed out
The tunes Ií»ve played
The sun...

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By: greengene

Food food give me food! Food food give me food! I want some food! Gimmee some food! FOOD FOOD FOOD I LOVE FOOD...

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Out of Flesh in the Endwalk
By: prnzokoshiro

Black-and-white footage makes it feel like unspeakable things onscreen didn't really happen This illusion works on t...

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More Randomness
By: Budopey

i'll drink everyones beer smoke everyones weed you got more money on my action kid thats what i need lets get high and m...

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From the Tip of My Spoon
By: erycalime

Completely surrounded by false comfort of people with personalities seasoned with artificial sweeteners. Turni...

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